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The world of screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer is continually developing and taking huge steps forward. Our mission as a not-for-profit organisation is to offer the best and latest in cancer screening to give you timely information and peace of mind. This will enable you to take proactive steps in your long-term health plan. Our screening enables early detection of over 70 types of cancer in asymptomatic individuals including all of the most prevalent cases; breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, stomach and liver.

Each of our services follow the same timeline:
You fill out our comprehensive medical questionnaire. The online form consists of questions regarding your family history of serious illness, results in national screening programmes, diet, mental wellbeing and questions on what you would like help with. There is also the ability to attach documentation regarding your medical history.
One of our team then reaches out to you, equipped with advice from our clinical team on which cancer screening test would be most suitable for you.
An appointment for the blood draw is then arranged at your most convenient clinic and at a time that suits you. This is usually within a week. Our broad network allows us to have no waiting times and to normally offer you your first choice appointment. We also have trusted mobile phlebotomists who will carry out home and office visits if required.
The blood is then analysed in our laboratory for 8-10 days.
We call you with the results as soon as we have them and send a written report. Next, we arrange a consultation with Dr Richard Tippett who explains the results and any implications and offers advice going forwards. When the process is complete, you can contact us at any point if you need help or advice.
The benefits of early detection:
Better prognosis
Could substantially increase survival rates
Minimizes adverse outcomes including morbidity and mortality associated with cancer
Better quality of life for the patient due to better treatment decisions
Reduce the cost of treatment
Early detection can lead to shorter treatment courses which can allow patients to continue working and therefore incur fewer expenses related to therapies
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