Trucheck is a new blood-based paradigm in multicancer detection. The Intelli test can detect over 70 different types of solid tumours and only requires 25ml blood sample.  The test will provide either a negative or positive result. A negative result suggests that no circulating tumour cells were detected in the given blood sample with 88.2% sensitivity rate. A positive result occurs when CTCs are detected in the given blood sample which is suggestive of malignancy with 99.9% sensitivity. This can be further analysed to determine the tissue or organ of origin. Following your blood draw results, our clinical director will provide you with a consultation and next steps.

CTCs are not detected in cancer-free individuals or those with benign (non-cancerous) conditions. CTCs permit detection of cancers with high sensitivity and enable differentiation between cancer patients and healthy individuals with high specificity.

If Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are not detected, this indicates a lower risk of the presence of cancer. Please be mindful that this does not completely rule out the presence of cancer as some cancers may not shed detectable tumour cells in the blood. We still advise you to seek advice from a medical professional or contact us if new symptoms arise and continue partaking in the national screening programmes.

Download the Trucheck Intelli brochure here.

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