Early detection of cancer is vital for successful treatment and cure. Late detection invariably leads to intensive and toxic treatments, high treatment costs and treatment failure. Trucheck™-Breast is a revolutionary test, based on a simple blood draw, for early detection of Breast Cancer.

Several healthcare organizations globally support Breast Cancer screening for early detection. While mammography has some inherent challenges associated with age and breast density, Trucheck™-Breast non-invasive blood test can detect early stages with high sensitivity.

The key benefits of the test are that:

  • It is radiation free, and no risk of radiation that is associated with invasive procedures.
  • It saves time with reductions in avoidable and non-critical appointments.
  • It minimises procedures that may be retrospectively deemed unnecessary.

The procedure for this test is the same for the Trucheck Intelli (Whole Body) cancer test. You complete an online medical questionnaire which details your current and past health, as well as any health problems in your family history. We provide you with a doctor’s referral with our in-house doctor and arrange for an appointment at our clinic in London. At the appointment you give a small blood sample which is sent to the laboratory in Guildford for processing. We then provide the results in a telephone call and a written report, and finally there is a brief consultation with the doctor, to answer your questions, explain the report and to outline the way forward.

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  • Trucheck Intelli Blood Test Single Organ - Breast

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